Jordan Grupe is a Hamilton, Ontario-based author and artist, who has created more than 40 short stories, novelettes, and novellas.

His writings are often shared with a vast audience in the hundreds of thousands via (under profile Jgrupe) read by several different prominent voices on YouTube.

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Escape From the Asylum

Detective Franklin Reynard awakes one morning to find his partner missing and a murderer is on the loose. The suspect is an escaped mental patient with a violent history, who has vanished, taking a young boy with her as a hostage. As the mystery deepens, Reynard is drawn into a terrifying labyrinth of darkness beneath the local asylum. Something tells him the answer he seeks lies beneath the infamous 150-year-old mental hospital, but he'll need help to uncover the answers…


Praise for Escape from the Asylum:


"Jordan Grupe once again drags readers into a vivid nightmare where there is no way out with his second novel, Escape from the Asylum. If you've ever wondered what it would be like to be trapped in a haunted mental asylum--first of all, what is wrong with you?--and second, Grupe's got the answer. Escape will have you hiding under the covers with a flashlight too scared to keep reading but even more afraid to stop. Don't sleep on this book because, after reading it, you might never sleep again."

 -Travis Brown, author, House with 100 Doors

No Sleep Tonight


“Despite being a relatively new addition to the horror writing scene, Jordan Grupe has made a name for himself as an excellent storyteller. His ability to build characters and terrify readers is consistently impressive as he continues to produce high quality horror content. I have featured a few of his tales on my YouTube channel “Mr. Creeps” and the response has always been amazing!"

- Mr. Creeps (683,000-subscribers on YouTube)  


No Sleep Tonight, is a compilation of his favorite short stories, is available on Amazon and Kindle, and is published by Manor House

"From Jordan Grupe, author of the gripping and terrifying novel Beneath the Asylum comes the gripping and appropriately named No Sleep Tonight collection of scary short stories - the latest offering of terror for those yearning for a bout of wild-eyes insomnia. Michael B. Davie, author The Late Man

His first book - Beneath the Asylum is available on Amazon and Kindle

This asylum is full of secrets. Some worse than others...

A security guard in an infamous old mental hospital finds something unusual during his routine patrol of the basement tunnels: The sounds of a small girl crying. The crying sounds are coming from behind a padlocked door in an abandoned section of the hospital, and he moves in to investigate. Unfortunately for him, this is no ordinary girl.

What ensues is a story of mystery, intrigue, and suspense. At times horrifying and hilarious, this is a tale of one man's journey to discover the truth in an asylum where not everything is as it seems, and not everyone is who they say they are...

Inspired by the author's own intriguing experiences as a security guard at a psychiatric hospital, the novel Beneath the Asylum follows a guard's journey of horrific discoveries on probing a hidden maze of tunnels beneath a decaying old mansion on the site of a mental hospital.

Beneath the Asylum is his first novel. Although it’s a work of fiction, it draws its inspiration from the author’s own experience as a security guard at a psychiatric hospital with a dilapidated, and reportedly haunted, old mansion on its grounds.

Published by Hamilton-based Manor House in close association with its distributor Ingram (the world's largest books company), Beneath the Asylum is already drawing considerable attention. Amazon and Kindle are already featuring this just-released novel.

Praise for Beneath the Asylum

"Some of the best horror I've read since Stephen King's "Shining"... will have you checking under your bed. Just in case." - Lucas Whorley, r/nosleep author of After Alice

"Hey there folks it's me Mrcreepypasta. The best part of any good horror story for me is the mystery... delivers on that amazingly well. Every chapter adds more and more to the growing tension and results in a terrifying and incredible read." - Mrcreepypasta, host of YouTube show with 1.5 million followers

"A terrifying, gripping tale full of unexpected twists and turns from Jordan Grupe, a master story-teller with first-hand experience working at a psychiatric hospital and exploring its known-to-be-haunted decaying old mansion" - Michael B. Davie, author, The Late Man

From Jordan, October 2020:

A lot has happened over the last six months!

It all started a little ways into this pandemic when I had an idea for a story. The thought popped into my brain of a kid walking by a bottomless pit and hearing a voice calling to him from the depths of it. He is intrigued, and becomes entranced by the hypnotic voice and begins to climb down into the darkness.

That was the idea. I had had them before and let them slip away, but decided to actually try to flesh this one out for a change. I intended on posting it to on their NoSleep subreddit, since I love the podcast and had read many stories on there before.

As I began to write the story I found I was really enjoying myself. I had forgotten how much I loved writing. A forgotten passion of mine was suddenly remembered and I dove into the story head-first.

I posted it to NoSleep and was pleasantly surprised to see a handful of people reading it and responding as if it was completely real. I had forgotten the caveat that everything posted there is supposed to be entirely true, even if it isn’t. I responded in kind and started to enjoy the back and forth with readers in this horror-make-believe world I had created.

The story did okay, but the real surprise was when a big YouTuber sent me a DM and asked if he could narrate the story and pay me for it! I was amazed that this was even possible, and we ended up agreeing on my next story instead, which I posted shortly after that.

I had already caught the writing bug, but seeing all those thousands of people listening to my story and hitting the “like” button and commenting saying how much they enjoyed it made me really want to write even more.

I had an idea for a story based on my experience working as a mental hospital security guard in an asylum that was over 150 years old. As I wrote it I began to love the story more and more, and it turned from one part into two, then into four. I wrapped it up with a conclusion, but couldn’t stop thinking about the characters. The same as when I had finished writing part 2, part 4 left me similarly dissatisfied. I wanted to see where the characters went next. Other stories popped into my head, though, and I wrote those first, thinking I would get back to the protagonist of the mental hospital story one day, and finish his tale.

Further urging me to continue the series was the fact that another large YouTube channel, MrCreepyPasta, was narrating the mental hospital series, and doing an amazing job with it. It gave me a whole different perspective on the story and brought it alive for me in a different way.

Three months later I had written dozens more stories on Reddit and decided to get back to that character. I had an idea of how he could escape his circumstances and began to write.

To my amazement, people who had read the first parts came back and were still engaged, wanting to hear more! I kept writing and it turned into a twisting, turning tale of terror in the tunnels beneath the asylum. A fictional version of the place I had previously worked at.

By the time I was near finishing, another writer on NoSleep suggested I should publish it as a novel. The thought hadn’t really occurred to me before that, but I realized it was perfect for that format. I had been dreaming of having a novel published for a decade or more, since I had gotten into writing, and decided this would be a perfect opportunity.

I finished the series on NoSleep, then wrote a conclusion which would go unread by anyone, only to be published in the book. I would have posted it online, but it didn’t fit the guidelines of the subreddit. It eventually will, though, so perhaps in December I will post it online, since it continues the story three months later and I wrote the previous part in September.

Mike Davie of Manor House Publishing agreed with gusto to take the project on and we later decided on a late October release date for the novel, as well as a collection of my favourite short stories.

These projects are now very close to being released! The books will be out before the end of the month and I am really excited for both of them!

The novel is being called, “Beneath the Asylum” and the short story collection will be titled “No Sleep Tonight” as an homage to the site where all of this began.

I am so excited for the release of both books and can’t wait to hear what everyone thinks!

Thank you all for reading this. I’ll post again soon.


Jordan Grupe

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